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Why attend a Christmas Party?

Christmas Parties are an ideal way to network, get to know your colleagues, meet new friends and most importantly have a great time.

A recent survey of 1000 workers were surveyed in relation to Christmas parties.
87% of respondents attended a Christmas Party away from the office and 83% of the workers surveyed enjoyed the party they attended.

Quality Entertainment comes at a price and the respondents felt that allowing a decent budget for good entertainment was top priority.

43% said Live Entertainment was Priority
35% said a DJ was priority
30% said a Comedian was priority
16% said a Photobooth was priority
16% said Cocktail Making was priority have taken this onboard and have given you the top 3 selections to create you the ideal Christmas Party.

If you are in charge of organising your Christmas Party then here are a few top tips.

Start planning early to make sure you get the best venue.

Provide transport to and from the venue (Eccles tram stop is 5 minutes away)

Ban the top bosses! So people can really relax and enjoy themselves

Avoid work talk at the office

Get your company to cover as much of the cost as possible

Whilst Christmas Parties can be a minefield we hope that you will enjoy the variety we have on offer at this Christmas Party.

What not to say at your Christmas Party

“Do you like my Christmas Jumper” – This implies that you shouldn’t really be wearing it
“Fancy a snog” – Scientists have concluded that a couple having first snogged at the Christmas Party haven’t survived
“Can I talk to you about my company role” – No one has ever landed a promotion after copious amounts of alcohol
“You scrub up well” – Translates creepily to how attractive they suddenly look
“Anyone got anything a bit you know, stronger” – Is your opportunity to see what a P45 is and looks like

Christmas Party Etiquette

Be There and on time
If spending time with Colleagues you would not normally associate yourself with is a dread, Just make an appearance as it is great for boosting morale.

Get Involved
Don’t be one of our Casino Props. Network and learn about the company but don’t put yourself forward for promotion infused with Alcohol.

Number 1 Rule Know Your Limits
Don’t be the first one their to find yourself locked in the toilet by 10pm its not big and not clever.
Just remember your colleagues will remind you of it the next day.

Office Romance
In 2011 a survey found that one in four people kissed at the Christmas Party.
Don’t be the subject of a Snapchat or Instagram story Kissing someone you shouldn’t be. It certainly wont get you a promotion, or pay rise snogging head of HR.

Stay Safe
Don’t try and book a taxi as soon as last orders is called. Just remember their maybe hundred other people on your party alone trying the same thing. Not forgetting the hundreds of other parties that may be on at the same time.
If taking the tram from Eccles tram stop then check the times a couple of days before.

Taxis In Eccles
Swans Minicabs  Tel: 0161 736 6000
Fab Travel Tel: 0161 288 2828

If you have any questions then please do not hesitate to give us a call on 01942 790872 or 07973 212296